giovedì 3 marzo 2011

'The Wrinkly' by Paul Collis.

I admit that there is a bit of Mike Lewis in me. 
Perhaps there's a bit of Mike in everyone who lives a hectic life in a polluted metropolis.
The hero of this novel is disappointed with the way his life is going.
Nearly 40, he is looking for a change, a way to escape from it all.
In fact he wants to join the retired people of a paradisical resort in Florida.
He decides to cheat about his age (and not, for once, to look younger). 
Thanks to accurate makeup, his camouflage is consequently quite convincing, and the 'wrinklies' welcome him to their community.
This brings Paul Collis's character straight into several hilarious, unpredictable situations.
A smart story that soon develops into a brilliant comedy of errors – and even the hint of a thriller, when the shadow of crime appears on the horizon in the shape of a mysterious speedboat.
To sum up: it's something new under the sun, and deserves serious consideration by some Hollywood mogul. 
Let's spread the buzz, before the author retires to a tropical paradise himself.

Daniele Ravenna.

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