venerdì 4 marzo 2011

Steve Jobs and the back of iPad2

And while we here in the West stop for a second to look at the worn-out  Steve Jobs introducing his new iPad2, that  priceless source of income – after all, useless I would dare say and excessive...
Close to us,  on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, a father to all of us  peoples of the coast…
Many of our brothers are ready to board boats that can hardly float, to reach a dream.
A dream that is not there, because they’ll reach another misery, of  a different kind for sure, but still  real and moral misery. Our coasts aren’t ready to welcome them, nor are we.
Our  wealthy-looking european countries,  shown as paradise  by our televisions, and  by our false consumistic messages, they aren’t  as  they imagine.
That paradise won’t be there for them, just as it’s not there for many of us, ,those  who can’t find a job, who are laid off, who suddendly find themselves on the threshold of poverty.
You can’t see all this, not even I, that write, can see it; but I can feel it, everyday it get into my skin.
I look at my still hands, my incapacity quivers in my soul and I would cry “Stop!”
I look at the back of my iPad1, I look again at worn-out  Steve Job and ask him “What’s the use of it, Steve?” One thing is  sure, nobody’s going to stop those brothers…and there’s nothing the euro I dropped into my friend Omar’s hand  is gonna do

Translation: Daniele Ravenna

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