venerdì 6 febbraio 2009

Jim Douval at Memphis Slim Modern Club, (Jim Douval Blues in English)

"The future has no end, baby. The future is in Memphis Tennessee, but my soul won’t stop there. I’ll go right on to wherever I’ll find my fortune. Not even Life, the most beautiful women a man could ever hope to meet, can stop me baby." So sang Jim Douval while playing his guitar. It was as if he had nothing in his hand which disappeared every time he touched a note. "The road is long and I can’t get lost with you" as yet another note split the air in two and the wind cancelled it out, just as the guitar reappeared quivering in his hands, without knowing it.
A jump to catch the wind, a distorted "F" bent, twisted, worn and exultant. This is how my friend Jim Douval played at the Memphis Slim Modern Club in Tennessee.
Today I play around the world, but I would so like go back there, to Memphis Tennessee, to listen to Jim Douval’s invisible guitar. Come on baby, come with me. My friend is waiting for us. We turn the corner, and no-one sees as, in a flash, we’re in the Memphis Slim Modern Club. A lot of musicians can play well, but no-one forgets they have an instrument. Jim Douval does though. You feel the sound welling as if by magic, then subsiding and flowing into your ears. Jim Douval, he can play, yes sir.
If you don’t believe me, go to Memphis Tennessee. Jim Douval is at Mamphis Slim Modern Club. Go, my friends and you, baby, let’s escape to Tennessee.

Translation in English: Colin Robert Jamieson

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